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Massage Clinic: Learn how to take care of you!


Did you ever want to learn self-massage?

Want to learn how to take care of yourself?

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Time:        Length: 2 hours      Class limit:

 Cost: $10/person

     Class materials suggested: A Mat or the like for comfort (floor work or personal massage tables though room may be limited), foam rollers, trigger point kits, a tennis ball (2), The Stick, Massage oil or cream or anything else in your bag of tricks of self-care, loose/comfortable clothing, running shorts, sports bras or the like for you will need to access direct skin contact and questions.  (**Release forms are required for hands-on participation)

(Clinics available upon request)

Minimum participants: (6) Class closes at (14); So contact me early to reserve your spot.

Payment: Checks or cash day of the class.

Cancellations:  If you are not able to keep your commitment, please contact me ASAP to allow room for others.

Register to Greg: Text Preferred to 412-519-5799 or email @

Information required: Number and full names of people attending (Note: only two people max per registration to give others a chance)

Course description:  This is a “Hands-on” requested clinic by athletes to learn techniques on maintaining Self-Care through Self-Massage, to include, but not limited to: Recognizing and analyzing pain, Deep tissue & Trigger point work, Trigger point kits, Foam rollers, The Stick, Tennis ball use, Positional release, Myofascial release and massage…  This clinic is designed as an “intro” course to increase the participant’s knowledge and ability to take better care of their body through pre-habilitation, maintenance care etc…  Class will be: Presentation - Break - Hands-on practice.  It is our objective to allow each participant to actually get the feel of some of the problem areas and treatments that are used through massage.   It is not fully required that the participants do a hands-on session but is strongly recommended to get the feel of self-care.  It is not in the scope of this first class to go in depth with treatment techniques, more though to enlighten the participant to recognize problem areas of the body and how to address them.

Comments:  Please feel free to contact me with any questions for further clarifications.

Thank you, Gregory Babiak AS, LMT, RRT, CPFT, Author

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