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Gregory Babiak AS, LMT, RRT, CPFT

“I Train so that You May Perform Better”

   “As a past amateur triathlete myself, I continue to train for improved mind, body and spirit. Working with many Amateur,  Professional, and Elite Athletes I apply the basics to achieve a complete goal of health and wellbeing”.

    My continued training allows me to better understand what Athletes experience physically and mentally, to better evaluate and treat them through “massage”.

 A simple philosophy of mine is: "I Train so that You might Perform Better."

    With over 40 years in the medical field as a Licensed Massage and Respiratory Therapist, I bring the knowledge of both,  Intensive Care and Rehabilitative therapies to my practice.

    As a Massage and Wellness coach, I (Peak Form Massage) offer a “personalized” treatment and training program for those who truly want to help themselves as well as for those who want to get an edge in their performance.

    As a past adjunct Instructor of massage at a local college and sitting on their board of massage therapy, I  continue to seek further knowledge to better educate and treat clients on a competitive level.

    My devotion to all clients is number one. “Sports & Therapeutic Massage” offers that avenue to Heal, Maintain, and Excel in ones performance!

    I am the author of: Getting the edge with Massage: I Train so that You May Perform Better

    I continue to train to excel physically and mentally as well as to gain a better understanding of what an Athlete puts their body through.

      “The healing hands of a skilled massage therapist promotes wellness of mind and body we so often neglect.”

 (Greg Babiak, Peak Form Massage)

 "Massage offers an avenue to maintain and heal ones body!”

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